Journey Photo Series: Akilah Cadet

UnoEth Journey Photo Series: We’re featuring our friends, family, and supporters. Each feature shares a little bit about themselves and who they are, along with their journeys through life with their their UnoEth bags.


Bag: UnoEth Enku Backpack in Black 

Who are you and what do you do? 

Hi! My name is Dr. Akilah Cadet, Founder of Change Cadet, a diversity, inclusion, and equity strategy firm. We work with VCs, startups, foundations, and nonprofits to improve the workplace through strategic planning, executive coaching, and facilitation. 

Where is your favorite place to travel and why?

Any tropical beach! I’m a Caribbean gyal so maybe that’s why, but I love the warmth of the sand and the sun overlooking the ocean, not knowing where the sky begins. 

 Describe your favorite journey with your UnoEth backpack.

“I’m a business owner and a fashion icon (in my head). So I like to look professional and stylish at the same damn time.”

“Enter my UnoEth backpack. I love the style and functionality of the bag! It works well for travel too! My favorite journey with my bag is knowing that when I carry it, heading to a meeting, interviewing a guest, or building my brand and business, I know I’m doing it all while all while supporting a fellow woman of color.” 

 Favorite quote and why?

“Best revenge is your paper -Beyoncé

It is incredibly hard being a woman of color founder. A lot of people will doubt you, it’s hard to date, you lose friends, people will want to collab or partner and bail. It’s just tough. But when I sign a new contract, get a new client, an awesome speaking gig, or a check, then it’s all worth it. There is power to money. But for me it means I can give back. I get paid to be me. I can live in my truth while living my life. So when times get tough I say that mantra (among others) and live my best damn life.” 

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