Journey Photo Series: Felicia Gangloff-Bailey

As we go through life, UnoEth bag in hand, our life experiences begin to show through our bags over time. Each memory we have becomes engraved into our bags and the aging of the leather reflects the many memories we shared while we were carrying our UnoEth bag. Each feature in our journey photo series shares a little bit about our family and friend’s journey in life with their favorite UnoEth bag.

Today’s feature: Felicia Gangloff-Bailey of SOL DevelopmentInstagram: @fefemonique@soldevelopment
Bag: Sheba Tote in Terracotta (note: Terracotta colorway is no longer available) 

 Describe your favorite journey with your UnoEth bag.

“One of my favorite journey’s with my UnoEth bag was my daily journey to school. When I was finishing my last year of school at Howard, I had to take a bus, a train, and then walk a few blocks to get to my destination. Most people on that kind of journey may have taken a jansport backpack or “pullie.” I love that I had the “cool” of my UnoEth bag.” 

 In your perspective, describe a perfect day.

“A bomb-ass work-out and a trip to @peetscoffee and anything after that is a breeze! That’s a great day 🙂

What is your happiest travel moment?

“My happiest moment when traveling is when all the things I need, can fit in my bag. I love when I’m traveling and I’m only carrying one bag! I like the freedom it gives me to move and maneuver and also the certainty, confidence, and peace it gives my mind. I have everything I need for a very specific purpose and my head isn’t clouded.” 

 Stay tuned for our next Journey Series post!

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