Journey Photo Series: Kim Davalos

UnoEth Journey Photo Series: We’re featuring our friends, family, and supporters. Each feature shares a little bit about themselves and who they are, along with their journeys through life with their their UnoEth bags.

Featuring: KIM DAVALOS

Instagram @kimdavalos
Bag: UnoEth Sheba Tote in Black

 Describe your favorite journey with your UnoEth bag.

“I went to Portland with my black Sheba Tote recently. I had been going through a tough time in my life and a couple of girlfriends and I decided to head to Portland last minute to get away. I threw all types of knick knacks into my bag, whatever I might possibly need, and my Sheba Tote carried it all… and with style! I felt classy walking through the airport with my Sheba Tote, and had an ease accessing anything from the tote that I needed. All to say, no matter the “stuff” I was carrying with me, no matter how down I felt – UnoEth’s products make em feel strong, beautiful, and supported no matter where I go.” 

 What is your happiest travel moment?

“Riding on the back of a motorcycle at 2am in the morning through the hills of Singapore to Malaysia. We saw thunder in the distance and I felt freedom from the wind.” 

Favorite childhood memory?

“The Autumn Festival that they held at my elementary school every year. The air was always crisp and clear, with the smell of pumpkin, cookies and candy, filled with the sound of families laughter. It always makes me think of what possibility felt like.”

Stay tuned for our next feature in the UnoEth Journey Photo Series!

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