Journey Photo Series: Brittany Tanner

UnoEth Journey Photo Series: We’re featuring our friends, family, and supporters. Each feature shares a little bit about themselves and who they are, along with their journeys through life with their their UnoEth bags.

Featuring BRITTANY TANNER of SOL Development

Instagram handles: @brittctann @soldevelopment

Bag: Enku Backpack in Walnut

Describe your favorite journey with your UnoEth bag.

“I love taking my UnoEth bag home to Bakersfield where I am from. I get to show it off to all the classy women who raised me. Hearing their compliments and seeing the look on their faces when I tell them these are hand made bags from the motherland are priceless!”

What types of experiences have you endured with your UnoEth bag?

“I’ve had my first UnoEth bag (can’t remember the name but it’s the big black backpack) for 3 years now. It’s been through rainy winters, plane rides and being stuffed to the brim several times and it’s always the perfect fit.

What does your daily journey look like?

“Whether I’m rocking my UnoEth clutch at an event or wearing my backpack on my everyday journey, these bags are always just what I need. They are sturdy, stylish and durable. The older and more worn they get, the better.”

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