Journey Photo Series: Taylor Jay

UnoEth Journey Photo Series: We’re featuring our friends, family, and supporters. Each feature shares a little bit about themselves and who they are, along with their journeys through life with their their UnoEth bags.

Featuring TAYLOR JAY

Instagram: @shoptaylorjay


Featured Bags: UnoEth Bintu Barrel fanny pack, Mekane fanny pack, & Guzzo duffle bag.

Who are you and what do you do?

My name is Taylor Jay, I am a mother and a fashion designer!

Any general statement you’d like to make?

I literally wear a UnoEth bag everyday, it is my official uniform. They are stylish and well made. They can stand all weather and the color palettes pair nice with everything I own. I love these bags : )

Favorite quote?

Doesn’t have to start perfect it just has to begin!

What is your happiest travel moment?

My happiest travel moment was in Barbados when I took the reggae bus (I literally had to jump on the bus while it was moving). The music was blasting and all the natives were smiling and laughing at me because I looked so foreign!! It was magical, the views were perfect once I got on another bus that had a scenic view! It was an experience I will never forget. I had on a beautiful red long dress and of course my UnoEth fanny pack worn as a crossbody bag while traveling!

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