Travel Guide: Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. One of our favorite places in the entire world. Co-founder Dagne, father of co-founder Xiomara, is originally from Ethiopia and both make it a must that they travel back together at least once a year. Addis Ababa, meaning “new flower”, is also the birthplace of UnoEth. Here are our roots and our home away from home. We’ve put together a short travel guide should you ever find yourself there. If you’ve never traveled to Addis Ababa, we definitely recommend it goes on your bucket list.  


Medhane Alem Cathedral: the second largest cathedral in Africa and the largest in Ethiopia.

image via Flickr

Holy Trinity Cathedral: Built in 1942, this cathedral was created to honor Ethiopia’s liberation from Italian occupation.

image via Global-Geography


Sholla Market: a street market filled with handmade clothing, home goods, fresh veggies, spices, and more.

image via TripAdvisor

Addis Mercato: an outdooor marketplace in the Addis Ketema district.

image via Flickr

Food (our favorite part of going back home!)


image via TripAdvisor

Tomoca Coffee

Currency: Ethiopian birr. $1 = About 35 birr

Language: Amharic

Time Difference: Addis Ababa is 10 hours ahead of Oakland, CA

Flight Time: Oakland, CA to Addis Ababa, Ethiopia is 19 1/2 hours

Safe travels!


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