Journey Photo Series: Maria Katayama

UnoEth Journey Photo Series: We’re featuring our friends, family, and supporters. Each feature shares a little bit about themselves and who they are, along with their journeys through life with their their UnoEth bags.


Instagram: @iam_mkat

Featured Bag: Amara Leather Crossbody – Almond Brown

In a professional world dominated by men, my bag is a reminder of my femininity.

That I am not a police officer that happens to be a woman, but a WOMAN that happens to be a police officer. My bag goes everywhere with me — to work, on bike rides with my kids, running errands around town, to a night out with friends (pre-COVID). It matches my summer dresses in the hot Texas summers, or sweaters and jeans in the cool winters. My bag is awesome. It’s as unique as me and made with love and superior quality.”

Who are you and what do you do? 

“My name is Maria Katayama. I am a mom to two awesome kids, a dog, and a bunch of plants. I live in Austin, Texas and work as a police officer. I’ll also be celebrating a milestone birthday this year — 40 — and have never felt stronger. Prior to COVID, I enjoyed volunteering (something I’ve been doing for 22 years). I have an eclectic mix of interests, including working out, playing the piano, knitting, collecting vinyl records, and teaching myself new skills. I like to defy stereotypes.”

What is your most memorable experience with your UnoEth bag?

“My UnoEth bag is like an old friend. The longer I’ve been with her, the better she looks. She tags along with me when I leave the house at 5 AM to go to work, she accompanies me when I run errands around town, when I go on bike rides with my kids, or to a night out with friends (pre-COVID). She matches everything — from summer dresses to winter sweaters and jeans. My bag has a beautiful story that goes all the way back to Ethiopia. It was made with love and superior quality. No two pieces are exactly alike; it’s one of a kind and just as unique as I am.”

What does femininity mean to you? 

Femininity means confidence.

Not being afraid to conquer the day and the world. Walking into a room with your shoulders and head held high. Gracefully picking yourself up and dusting yourself off when you get knocked down. Living your life with zest and passion. 

As the only female at my job, I never lose sight of the fact that I am a woman who happens to be a police officer, not a police officer who happens to be a woman. Once I take my uniform off, I am mom, daughter, sister, aunt, and friend. When I’m at work, I’m 100% business. But when I’m off, I like to bring out my femininity with  accessories, like pairing a simple outfit with my UnoEth bag, a pair of handmade earrings or a bracelet.”

Thank you so much, Maria, for sharing your journey with us!

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