Celebrating Black History Month: Black Owned Brands That Are Killing It

Happy Black History Month! To celebrate, we are featuring some of our favorite black owned businesses that are killing the game. Whether you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, you can not go wrong with Rooted Woman, Mahogany Books, and Crown and Hops Brewery. What we love most about these brands is their company values and the mission that stands behind their brands.


Curated non-toxic, ethical nail polishes and treatments to promote radical self-care for women. Rooted Woman seeks to revolutionize the narrative of self-care as a selfish reward to a necessary practice that should be supported and accessible within the lives of women—at every stage of their journey through womanhood.

Shop https://www.rootedwoman.com/


Mahogany Books is an independent DC-based online bookstore that believes in social entrepreneurship. They take a leadership role in the African American community by promoting reading, writing, and cultural awareness as tools to improve self-esteem, self-love, and ultimately their communities to enrich the lives of motivated individuals.

Shop https://www.mahoganybooks.com/


Crowns & Hops Brewing Co – founded by Beny Ashburn & Teo Hunter – is dedicated to preserving culture, expansion of the palate and community building through world class beer. Crown’s mission is to create spaces that are community centric with underserved communities of color in mind, driving diversity, economic growth and influencing inclusion.

Shop https://crownsandhops.com/

Header image by @rootedwoman

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