New York Magazine Feature

We were featured! Big shoutout to Dr. Akilah Cadet for mentioning us in her recent article in New York Magazine’s The Strategist, What Activist Dr. Akilah Cadet Can’t Live Without. 

Dr. Akilah Cadet is an activist, founder and CEO of Change Cadet, and cheif creative officer of Representative Collaborative. Known as the ‘Olivia Pope of Diversity,’ Dr. Cadet works to support diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging in the workplace. Her consulting firm, Change Cadet, provides resources to individuals or companies who are looking to re-examine their career path, strengthen their organization, connect with underserved communities, implement cultural change, or find ways to determine successful career pathways for women and people of color. 

Dr. Cadet on her Mini Enku Leather Backpack:

“I have both the regular and mini-size of this backpack. Pre-COVID, I would be on a plane every two weeks, and a lot of those trips were overnight. So I could just put a change of clothes in the backpack, my laptop, and whatever else I needed. But I hate big bags for BART [my local rail and subway system], so I use the mini and it’s stylish and cute. There are different colors. It’s adjustable. There’s a drawstring and a zipper in the front. And then there’s the hidden zipper in the back, which is great for public transportation and traveling, so you can put your wallet on the inside part and feel confident. It’s made of really great leather and sourced from Ethiopia, and I love that it’s helping a wonderful community of vendors there. It’s a Black- and Black woman–owned business, started by a dad and daughter, which I think is adorable.”


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