6 of our favorite small businesses within Arthaus Studios

As many of us know, the environment you work in can heavily dictate how you work. With our studio being located in Arthaus Studios we are not only inspired by the countless artwork placed throughout the entire building, but especially by all of the businesses around us. We feel extremely fortunate to work in an environment surrounded by so many creative and innovative people who have started some of our favorite small businesses. We wanted to highlight just some of the amazing small businesses that we have the pleasure to call our neighbors! 

Fairy Glow Mother 

Fairy Glow Mother is a brand started by a woman named Hadiyah. The business started when the idea for the name struck her in the middle of the night. She decided to go to school to learn the technical side of business but found her true passion in all things esthetics. Thus Fairy Glow Mother was created! The brand specializes in serving multicultural skin tones and helping anyone with skin care issues related to hormones such as transitioning and PCOS. All services are provided by Hadiyah herself. You can not only set up an appointment and start your skin care journey in her studio today but, you can also check out Fairy Glow Mothers skin care being sold on Glowdega. Their website offers not only their products being sold and information about the business but also extremely informative blog posts about the skin. 

Disco Greenhouse 

Plants, haircuts, disco balls… who could want more? The Disco Greenhouse is a woman owned business that not only offers a wide variety of beautiful plants but also provides exceptional haircuts. Jamie Beutal started this business in the midst of the pandemic to connect with people when so much connection was lost. With the business originating in her house and now expanding to Arthaus Studios, customers can come and choose between over 200 plants in an atmosphere that is curated to make you want to boogie! So whether you are overdue for a trim or are searching for the perfect plant, The Disco Greenhouse is the way to go!


Iyoba is a company that handcrafts organic products for the natural care of hair, body, and home. Iyoba was started when founder, Efiya Asabi started to experiment to find a natural way to help her son’s eczema. Once she saw results she wanted to continue to find natural at home remedies. Iyoba is in the business of selling all natural hair, body, and home products. All products are vegan and free from parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrance, and other harmful chemicals. So next time you are on the hunt for a new deodorant, body cream, face scrub, and more check out Iyoba!

Neutral Ground 

Neutral Ground is a business that was founded by Alysha Cassis-Shaw in the spring of 2017. With her love of fashion dating back to watching her mother create beautiful pieces sewing, she always knew she wanted to do something in fashion. After moving from New York to the bay, Neutral Ground was born. Neutral Grounds is committed to conservation, style preservation, and conscious consumerism. Neutral Ground is a collection of beautiful, vintage, and designer pieces made for anyone who loves to dress up! Whether you shop off their website or book a style consultation with Alysha herself you are sure to find something special. 


Soothi is a business that sells beautifully handcrafted journals. Founder Krittika understands the importance of a journal and how it lends individuals a space to be creative, vulnerable, and have a personal space with no limitations. They sell journals, stationary, backpacks, and leather envelopes. The artisans they source from are predominantly disenfranchised groups in developing countries. Through Soothi they are fairly compensated which helps support their families. Sustainability is extremely important to Soothi as they try to find different sustainable materials to enhance their products. Additionally, a portion of each sale is donated to the Animal Aid Unlimited. You can design your very own journal on their website today or even find the perfect gift. 


HelioTrope is a natural skin care company started by Jonathan Plotzker-Kelly. They offer skincare for men and women that is without fragrance. They work with their clients to create individualized aromatherapy blends using natural and undiluted oils. They practice sustainability and do not test on animals. They offer face care, body care, and hair care. You can visit the shop in person or order online. 

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