10 tips for self-care

We are two months into 2022… crazy right? It has been a very difficult time for most the past two years. One of the good things that we learned from each year is how important it is to take care of ourselves. Pre-pandemic many people forgot the importance of self-care and how major it can affect your life. We are going to list 10 things you can do, besides binging your favorite shows on Netflix, as a form of self-care.  We hope these help and that you implement more self-care into your life. 

1. Take a walk 

We often forget the power of a walk. Not only will it help you get your steps in but taking a walk can help clear your mind and allow you to get some fresh air. There are many benefits for taking a walk such as it helps boost your immune system, it helps to improve ones mood, reduces stress, improves heart health, and much more. So take some time for yourself and go for a walk! 

2. Drink water

Something so simple but crucial is to drink water. It is especially crucial to drink water first thing in the morning. Drinking water has major health benefits and it can also improve your mood. Set a goal for yourself and make sure you are drinking enough water to keep yourself energized and healthy. There are different types of apps and water bottles that can help you keep track of how much water you are drinking to insure you are drinking the proper amount.

3. Get Exercise 

We often forget that exercise is not only beneficial for our physical health but also our mental health. Spend 30 minutes a day getting some form of exercise. The release of endorphins will help elevate your mood. Find something that you enjoy doing and mix up your exercising activities as well to keep yourself motivated. 

4. Cook a meal 

A great way to feel accomplished and also fuel your body is to cook. Cooking can be a very creative and rewarding activity. There are so many different recipes out there to experiment with. 

5. Call your friends

Oftentimes we forget how catching up with an old friend will instantly elevate our moods. Make time for this because we can all get so absorbed with what is going on in our lives we can forget how calling an old friend can help not only elevate our mood but also ground us. 

6. Take a bath

Grab some bubbles, a glass of wine, your favorite book, and a candle and hop into your bathtub. After a long day a bath can help rejuvenate you and help you relax. 

7. Skin care 

Having a skin care routine is a great way to focus on yourself and give yourself a little extra love. Finding the right skin care routine for you is important because your skin is the largest organ your body has. There are plenty of great companies out there to help you find the perfect regime for you. Additionally adding some self-love mantras while you do your skin care routine can make you feel good.

8. Hang out with an animal 

A simple way to raise endorphins and bring a smile to your face is to pet an animal! Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, horse, fish, lizard, zebra, cow, and anything in between spending time with an animal can be a total mood shifter. If you are able to help at a local animal shelter or simply pet a dog passing you by on the street, being around animals can really elevate your mood. 

9. Do a random act of kindness 

It is pretty crazy how simply complimenting another person can raise your own spirits. You never know what someone else is going through and you do not know how powerful performing a simple act of kindness can be. It not only benefits the other person but it is also guaranteed to make you smile. So whether it be opening the door for someone or paying for the order behind you, it can make a huge impact. 

10. Treat yourself 

Eat that burger, buy those concert tickets, go shopping, buy that purse, and just treat yourself. We can get so caught up in our lives we forget to treat ourselves. Do whatever will fulfill you and make you feel happy. Everything in moderation and make sure to mix it up. 

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