The Season for Suede

With winter among us and suede coming back in season we decided to talk about how to incorporate suede into your winter fashion.

Suede makes an everyday outfit more chic

With its very clean and chic look suede has become a popular fabric to wear. Not only does it elevate an outfit it also has a very pleasing texture. Suede was popular in 2018 and is now going to make a comeback in 2022. Be on top of the trend before it is too late and throw on that stylish suede jacket.

Suede in Business casual

At times business casual fits can feel stuffy and too overdone. Spice up your business casual clothing and make your co-workers turn their heads with a suede shoe.

Suede Trench coatS

Another way to draw some eyes is to wear a suede trench coat. Cute, comfortable, and warm a suede trench coat is the perfect way to keep an outfit cute but also stylish.

New Suede bags

The last part to complete your outfit is to add a suede bag. Luckily we have the perfect bag for you! With a combination of gorgeous suede and leather you cannot go wrong with our Sheba Leather Tote in Suede. The Sheba bag is one of our most popular bags being both stylish and spacious. We offer it in both black and almond brown which are both colors that can accompany many everyday outfits. Check out our gorgeous new styles and ring in the new year with suede!

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