Xiomara’s Summer Picks

With summer being in full swing, we wanted to let you know our founder and creator of UnoEth’s current favorite bags. It changes all the time because, of course, she loves them all, but here are her current top 5 bags.

ShaSha Shoulder Bag

First off is the ShaSha Shoulder bag. This perfect blend of leather and nubuck (which is similar to leather) creates a one-of-a-kind bag to hold all of Xiomara’s belongings. It is also a great color to mix and match with essentially any outfit.

Hanna Tote

Xiomara’s second pick is our classic Hanna Tote. This bag is the perfect size to carry all her work things but also is perfect for an adventure on a beautiful summer day. The Nile Blue is also a great color to match the gorgeous colors of summer.

Mini Enku BackPack

The third bag Xiomara has chosen is the Mini Enku Backpack in Red Croc. This bag catches many eyes with its bright stunning red color. The size makes it the perfect accessory to carry all of her belongings!

Diarra Double fanny pack

Last but not least is the adorable Diarra Double Fanny Pack! This chic fanny pack is one of Xiomara’s favorites for its sleek look, two compartments, and gorgeous green croc print. This Fanny Pack definitely catches some eyes as she walks around the town.

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