2022 was full of incredible opportunities. For one of ours, we had the chance to collaborate with Ayesha Curry’s brand, Sweet July, to design an exclusive travel jewelry case. We loved every step of the way and wanted to share with you some of the story.


Sweet July was established in 2019 by Ayesha Curry as an ode to the community of Oakland for supporting and embracing her. It is an inspiring local brand for all things lifestyle found in the heart of Uptown. Sweet July’s collection is full of stories. The store is carefully curated with a beautiful collection of quality products, all crafted by Bay Area and Black-Owned companies with inspiring stories. We love Sweet July and are honored to have our products featured at their store. We were so excited to collaborate with them on this exclusive jewelry case, and we know you’ll love it.


When we first were approached for this collaboration, we knew we wanted to design something practical, and we decided to go down the travel route. It needed to be lightweight, easy to organize, and small enough to tuck neatly away into your carry-on or overnight bag. Most of all, it had to be secure.


After a few samples and experimenting with materials, we finally perfected the jewelry case. In a collaborative effort with the Sweet July team, we brought in aspects of our Mesale Wrap Wallet, and chose a beautiful combination of leather and suede for a timeless look. It features a zipper pouch, stud panel, ring holder, and snap holders. It’s a safe and compact organizer that is designed to go everywhere. You can just roll it up, wrap it closed, and tuck it away knowing everything will stay in place.

We are so grateful for Sweet July for this opportunity. They are such an amazing supporter of UnoEth, and are such an incredible team to work with. We loved collaborating with them to design this jewelry traveler, and we look forward to similar projects in the future. As always, we’ll keep you updated. If you’re in town, make sure to check out their flagship store in Oakland, and keep an eye out for UnoEth!

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