4 Things We Learned in 2020

Among the many hard lessons we learned in 2020, here are just 4 of the ones we will carry with us as we enter the new year. It was a tough year but we learned a lot about ourselves, the world we live in, and the things that are most important. For that we are grateful.

Health Over All

2020 took #selfcare to a whole new level. If we do not have our health, we can not enjoy the people and the things that we love. As demonstrated last year, good health is one of the most valuable things we can have. It is crucial that we put ourselves first and treat our bodies the way they deserve to be treated. Whether that means taking a whole day to just relax (that means NO work emails!) or choosing to get some air and go on a walk instead of watching another episode of our favorite Netflix show. The little things we can do now to take care of ourselves will be worth it in the long-run. Show a little kindness to yourself.

Separation of Work and Home

In a pre-COVID world, there are numerous times I took a bad day at work home with me. Dealing with a rude customer or a moody boss sometimes wears on us more than we think. But during COVID, work is at home. If I had a bad day at work, I immediately brought that bad energy into my home by default. 2020 showed us the importance of separation of work and home. To aid this issue, I created a designated work space in my home. Only in this space would I deal with work. The rest of my home was to remain just that, my home; a place where I feel safe, at peace, and comfortable. 

Don’t Sweat the Small Things  

Anytime I feel myself getting worked up about something; construction workers beginning work at the crack of dawn, the new barista messing up my drink order, an unnecessarily rude customer, I remind myself that in the grander scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter. An angry customer is not really angry with me, they are projecting the issues they have going on in their own lives onto me. I remind myself to not let other people have a huge effect on me. I remind myself to not sweat the small things. 

The Importance of Quality and Intention

This one can be applied to many areas of our lives, but we learned this lesson specifically as it relates to our business. Many companies often push for quantity. The more product, the more sales. This can lead to a decrease in the quality of the production. With more time spent at home, we began thinking about ways we can improve our business and while quality has always been a main focus of ours, we want to make sure quality is always at the forefront. We try our best to make sure all the products on our site are in stock and available to you, but because we choose quality over quantity, it sometimes takes a little extra time to create our pieces. But we promise, it will be worth the wait!

By Layla Lange

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